How to Use the Picture Watermark

Digital photography has certainly made taking pictures and uploading them onto whatever personal websites people maintain way easier. Sadly, it has also made unauthorized usage of digital photographs way easier. This then calls for further protection of your digital images, and you can use this by employing the picture watermark.Of course, you can say that you do not really need to employ watermarking because you can just restrict the access of the public to your photographs. Unfortunately, this is not enough at all. When you maintain social networking sites, you just might encounter a hacker tampering with your account, simply because it is very easy to hack into such accounts. When they gain access to your account, they also gain access to the pictures that you have stored there. Thus, they can still do whatever they want with your pictures. But with watermarking, access to your photographs becomes all the more secure. The great thing about watermarking is that it entails a very simple process. You do not really have to do anything complicated to protect your images. All you have to do is find software specially designed to watermark your pictures and you are good to go.

What is even better is that there are so many watermarking applications that you can find on the Internet. All of these you can download onto your computer with just a few clicks of your mouse. Most of these applications, however, come with a minimal fee that you would have to pay after you use up the free trial period. Do not worry too much though because the price range for these applications is just roughly $20 to $30. The price for your software depends on the features that you would want to have.Once you have chosen which software to get for your watermarking needs, the next step is to choose which watermark to use. Although you can choose to use various watermarks for your pictures, it is wiser to use a specific one all throughout. This way, you can still keep your pictures as organized as they should be.Generic text watermarkThis type of watermark does not have any relation to your picture or to your identity, being generic in nature. you can use “Sample” for your watermark, or even “Demo”. This is just to show the general public that your photos are not up for grabs.

Specific text watermarkAs the name suggests, this watermark is more specific in nature. you can use your name or the filename itself, to make it all the more specific. You can also choose to use the name of your website, as this would serve as additional advertisement on its own.Copyright watermarkBy overlaying “Copyright” all over your primary image, you can effectively send a message out to the public that your pictures are copyrighted and that these should not be used for any purpose without your permission. This is the most effective type of watermark amongst the many types.Knowing how to use the picture watermark will certainly help you a lot in protecting your pictures from unauthorized usage. Just hang on to these tips so that you will be guided more accordingly.